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Tour Description

North Cappadocia / RED TOUR

(Goreme Open Air Museum&the Highlights of Cappadocia)

  The daily excursion of Cappadocia is organized every day from Goreme. That program is a good deal for visitors who want to see the highlights of Cappadocia. Most of the formations are situated around Goreme. Starting at 9h30 in the morning, we will make you feel our history and culture…

  • What Are The Highlights?
  • * Uchisar Castle 
  • * Goreme Open Air Mueum
  • * Love Valley Panorama
  • * Avanos Pottery Demonstration
  • * Pashabag Fairy Chimneys
  • * Devrent Valley

Tour Description


Uchisar Castle Panorama

This viewpoint is one of the greatest in Cappadocia. It has been used at the roman period as a castle, also for villagers a village, a hermitages or stables and vineries.


Goreme Open Air Museum

After the establishment of the Creed, Cappadocia became one of the most important religious centers. Basile of Caeserea improved a new life style. Then all over Cappadocia, people created a small chapel or a church, even a cathedral here and there. You'll see the most important frescoes concerning Christianity in Cappadocia and protected by the UNESCO.


Love Valley Panorama

A meaningly place for couples… That place is giving a viewpoint over the White Valley with its fallique forms. Somehow, people are still wondering the reason of that name.


Avanos Pottery Workshop

For thousands of years, Cappadocia had been the center of pottery. Today, that handicraft is almost dead. No new masters are taking the relay.. .So we will have the cance to see a demonstration, have some ideas about the art , and also support the families to continue their art.


Pasabag Fairy Chimneys (Pachabag)

St Basil is the leader of the community of monasticism and invites mankind to live in caves and make the balance of the spiritual world with the social activity. That attracted St Simeon who came to and live with his disciples together inside one of those fairy chimneys. It’s an amazing place to visit for half an hour by climbing to the hermitage of Simon or taking pictures of this land totally marvelous.


Devrent Valley

Also called Imagination valley, you can see different forms and shapes of fairy chimneys. Even an image of a Camel Fairy Chimney is present. Your turn to continue the game …! Back to the Hotel around 4.30 pm

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